Thursday, April 4, 2013

MARCH 2013

March came and went quickly just how I usually like it cuz I'm ready for warm weather!  This month was action packed since Scott and I did a getaway to Cabo and then went to Vegas with the Bell clan also.  It was just what I needed!  Both spectacular trips!!!  Here is how we also kept busy at home:  Jett climbing the stairs, Blakely practicing her arabesques on the stairway,  and Scott shooting us with Nerf guns.

 Blakely wearing herself out that she takes her nap with her light on!
 Blakely gathers all their beach towels and they have a picnic in the entrance.  
 They are literally obsessed with each other.  Jett walks around the house saying, "Gakey."  She loves him right back.
 When Scott gets home I am checked out!  Before he showers them, it turns into full on wrestle mania at my house!  I'm usually cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, but I grabbed my camera and snapped some of the nightly madness.  Scott pretends to be asleep, they jump on him and then he gives horsey rides.
 They finally make it to our room and he literally throws them around like rag dolls.  Sometimes it ends in tears, but mostly you just here giggles!
I love these 3 crazies so much and even though some nights I wish the noise level was down 20 notches, I'm so glad that their is nothing but love in my home most of the time.



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