Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm a sucker for every holiday.  My mom made them so special growing up and I try to do the same.  Its just too fun to be a kid!  The kids woke up and Blakely found all the eggs hidden in the house.  After they went through their baskets, we had breakfast and relaxed and then realized that we had to hurry and get ready for church. 
 Every morning Jett pretty much jumps on Scott's back and thinks its hilarious.  And then he wanders to find food.
 Note to self:  next time don't wait until 5 minutes before church to take easter pics and during Jett's usual nap time.  Well it didn't go so well but its all about the memories right?!?

Blakely can't keep her hands off of Jett and it drives him crazy.  She is weird and rubs his ear...  I can't wait till he figures out that he can take her out! ha ha
 This is his sad eyes saying I'm tired and I want my bed and you are going to try and make me go to church?!?  Can I just say that I can't wait till I can enjoy church again some day!
After naps we headed up to my parents for easter dinner and an easter egg hunt with my childhood friends the Anderson's.  It was fun to see everyone's kids, but Jett for some reason was just not happy this day.  
Favorite thing to do is jump on the tramp!  Jett is so obsessed even if he can't figure it out yet...  I love my spring chickens!!!



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