Thursday, April 4, 2013

First day back to swimming lessons

 How lucky am I to have this little girl in my life!  I just have to take a minute and brag about Blakely.  We went to vegas and I brought her back this cute suit and she was so thankful.  That is one of her greatest traits:  she always shows appreciation and thanks people.  She is just an absolute joy 98% of the time.  I find myself saying how easy of a child I now realize she was since Jett is getting older and is a destructive, little boy.  Don't get me wrong he is wonderful and most of the time easy going, but talk about me now realizing how easy going she was even as a baby.  She finds joy in every little thing in life and her laugh is contagious.  That is the only negative her teacher could say about her behavior:  "when that girl starts laughing the whole class erupts and I can't get everyone calmed down for 10 minutes."  She is such a character and knows it as well.  Such a smart, sweet, independent, obedient (for the most part), little girl.  She is such a great helper and her brother wants to copy everything she does even if it involves jumping off the couch.  She is growing up way too fast in this world and I wish I could just bottle her up and keep her innocent and not have to discuss the bad things of the world, but we are getting to that point where she is smart and she needs to know.  We love you little girl.



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