Monday, June 23, 2014

APRIL 2014

 Scott's 32nd birthday:  Scott's not into birthday's too much but we always enjoy having a family Sunday dinner!

 Dad got what he wanted for his birthday and we went to the sand dunes for a razr ride!  It was a great family day together!  

 Every night before bedtime the kids have enjoyed playing on the tramp and wrestling with Scott.
 Our ward does the cutest easter egg hunt that the kids enjoyed.

 Easter morning is always something I look forward to.  I love collecting things for the kids and their favorite present by far was WOW cup!  Blakely got so excited that she had a cup that didn't spill out of all things!

 Since I had the kids in their easter best for church, I got some pics of them!  They were being so freaking adorable with each other and I'm so glad we took the time for it!  

 We headed down to Grandma's on Easter Sunday and had the usual Bell easter egg hunt!  It was a hit and they love playing with their cousins.

 Blakely joined me on a photo shoot at the orchard so I had to snap some of her even though it started to rain on her!  

Dad's 60th Birthday Party!!!

 No one is more deserving in this world than my dad.  My mom did a great job planning his 60th birthday party and it was very special!  My favorite was we all came up with 60 reasons why we love him.  It was adorable!!!

 This is one Grandpa that is super involved with his grandchildren.  I appreciate how everything is about the kids and he is willing to get down and dirty with them.  He never complains and is going swimming, jumping on the tramp for hours, holding, feeding, putting kids to bed, and sacrificing his body to be a horse.  He's truly adored and I'm so grateful that especially Jett has a great man to look up to.  Jett's favorite person his Grandpa and my dad worked hard to get his love and that is who he wants at all times.  

 My mom is smart and had the party at the dance studio.  The kids had a big party after doing gymnastics and dance to music.  Great plan!

First Dance Competition

 Back at the end of February, Blakely had her first dance competition!  We are getting used to the dance world and to say this little girl loves everything, is an understatement.  We loved her little team this year and amazing teacher!  With her being a lot younger than everyone, she held her own and grew so much!  Of course she had all her little fans (cousins) come to watch her.  So lucky!  Loved this Little Mermaid dance and could watch them all day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 Any holiday is so fun with kids and Blakely loves to make cute valentine's since she is the queen of love!  Seriously this girl loves everyone and it's one of her best qualities.  She is always thinking of others and making people happy with her laugh or smile!  Jett is either a cheese ball for the camera or is not interested and unfortunately I got the ladder on this day, but once they started jumping off the bed he was in heaven and I got some smiles.  I love sending out a cute valentine's card and we had an adorable one that I just printed actually from Costco and was so impressed.  


 We started January off with a bang!  My sister and her family stayed with us and it was so much fun to have some company.  Scott of course had to buy the whole firework store and the kids had a blast and were in bed at 8:30 so us adults could hang out!  Perfect people to spend New Years with!

 My kids loved spending time with their cousins and they spent a lot of time playing dress up and running around like wild animals.  

 Jett is just way too much fun and definitely has a mind of his own and knows what he wants!  He's a genius on the ipad and I usually find him playing in the sink or cupboard.  He cracks me up all day long.

 Blakely got her first loose tooth just months after turning 5!  Way too young!!!  I had to hurry and get some pics of her before she enters the awkward stage with missing teeth.  Her first tooth hang by a thread for days until she finally had the guts to yank it out herself.  Cutest video ever.

 Showing me her tooth hanging by a thread.  


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