Friday, April 12, 2013

My girl

 This girl has seriously grown up so much lately I can't take it.  I got knocked out with the flu and I really can't remember that much... All I remember is that she took care of me and her brother.  She brought me crackers, a bowl to throw up in, a diet coke, and anything she thought I needed.  She entertained her brother while I passed out on the couch and fed him snacks.  In between my dozing off I just remember her looking at me with her eyes and touching me softly saying with her eyes, "Mom its ok I got it."  I'm so grateful for her sweet soul and that she is my first born cuz she will always take care of her siblings.  I love when she asks me to take her pics and comes up with new poses on her own.  She is mine and I'm so lucky.
Whole outfit from Cozette Couture.



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