Sunday, January 27, 2013


He likes routine and doesn't like anyone to mess it up!  We basically do the exact thing every day and my life revolves around his nap times right now, but that's ok, it will only last so long.  Sleeps from 8-8:30, first nap 10:30-12:30, then we get out of the house, second nap from 3-5, dinner with family, play with daddy, shower with daddy, and bed exactly at 8.
He likes to sleep obviously and will literally come to me sometimes to put him down for a nap.  So he basically rules our world right now but we wouldn't have it any other way.  
He started taking his first steps exactly at 15 months.  He is getting more daring every day and I'm so happy.  My heart literally melts when he walks across the room to me finally.  
He's a mamas boy.  He wants me if I'm available and gets a little nervous when handed off that I might leave him, but only pouts for a minute and gets over it.
He LOVES to dance.  This is actually pretty hilarious.  Turn on Gangham style and this kid goes crazy.  His dad is a little worried, but that kid loves balls and bats more than anything!
He loves his slide and climbing up the stairs.  Loves to brush his teeth.  
His favorite thing is to feed himself yogurt in the morning.  He has gotten pretty good with a spoon, but it is just one hot mess after he is done usually!  Loves to splash in the bath.  He prefers to wear minimum clothing so he can move better so I try to keep him as comfortable as I can when home.  He loves and worships his sister!  He knows when we are going to pick her up from school and when she gets in the car they hug and talk for a couple of minutes.  Cutest thing ever!  He is also starting to get mad at her and I can't wait until he is stronger than her.  He sleeps flat on his face on his tummy and moves around a lot.  His eyes.  They still just captivate me.  His favorite and mostly only words are mama and dada.  We are working on talking more, but I'm afraid he is going to be a little slow in everything but everyone is compared to Blakely.  He has super dry skin this winter and is smothered in aquaphor every night.  Loves to play with his toes.  Loves to smile.  He is my happy boy.
I went to Costco the other day and I was waiting for some pics and he was literally flirting with two high school girls.  It was hilarious and they said you can just tell he is going to be a heartbreaker.  He is just something special and makes me so happy and content and busy!  



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