Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day in January with Jett

I don't really make New Year's resolutions but one of my goals is to take more candid pics at home of my kids.  They are only so little for so long and we will soon forget all the funny things they did.  One morning Jett was being well Jett and so I decided to follow him with my camera.  His new thing is of course my worst nightmare... feeding himself!  He basically dumps yogurt all over himself every morning and its pretty comical until my clean freak antics kick in.
He was then stripped and off to play.  First off it was to his favorite cupboard to get into things.
Then his favorite drawer where the party supplies are.


Then off to his favorite new toy that Grandma Rachelle gave him for christmas.  And getting daring standing up even.
Then off to his favorite riding toy that Grandma Kathryn got him.  He takes it very seriously and gets way too excited!

 Then off to cause some more destruction in my office.
 We finally make our way up the stairs and get dressed for the day in his favorite comfy sweats since who wants to wear stiff jeans when you have so many rolls...
He loves to mess with the baby gate and if you have ever seen this kid dance, its pretty hysterical with his head bobbing back and forth.
 He loves to play on our bed and sometimes I just catch him relaxing.

 Testing his boundaries to see how far he can reach without actually falling down the stairs.

 Daddy gets home that night and they of course have batting practice like every other night even though the poor kid can't even balance by himself yet.  
 And my most favorite thing he does right now is put his paci in like this to make me laugh.  He looks like joker and laughs at himself.  Oh Jett how I love my messy big boy and I'm so glad you are teaching me to be patient and let the little things go.  


Blake and Mikelle said...

Darling. Love this resolution!

Dollar Store Merchandise Suppliers said...

Your blog is awesome. Cheers! Good luck and more power!

Amanda said...

Your blog and your family are just precious! Is there any way I could email you and ask you a question about his nursery? I'm trying to figure out what size of frames you used for his three prints? And size of prints. Please let me know if you get this. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Chelsey Bell said...

Yes feel free to email me Amanda at chelseybell21@hotmail.com


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