Thursday, February 7, 2013

California in January

I saw that the weather was going to be 75-80 in CA so we booked a last minute much needed family vacation to CA.  We learned a lot of things on this trip including:  Jett likes to sleep too much and is no fun on vacation (Scott lived in the hotel room so he could sleep while Blakely and I partied), Blakely is pure joy, we are beach and sun people, and traveling with kids does not equal relaxation.
Here is a video of the kids once we got in the rental car and how excited they were to be in the sun!
As soon as we got there we hit up the hotel pool at sunset!  Blakely is a fish and Jett has no fear of the water making it very dangerous.
The next day we had to hit up the beach.  We went to Newport and it was a beautiful day!  Gosh why don't we all live there!  

Jett wasn't too sure of the sand and water at first, but then we couldn't get him out of it!  He would crawl and go in the water!  He was one big mess but had a blast!  

Blakely of course found a friend on the beach and had fun digging a huge hole and being buried as a mermaid with some random strangers...   Then she felt that Jett also needed to be a merman.  

Thank goodness for my sisters tip of baby powder to get sand off.  This kid was covered from head to toe. 
That night we showered up and went to Outback for dinner.  The kids just loved being outside and loved the fountain at the hotel. 
 The next morning I would say was the highlight of our trip.  Who knew a character breakfast would make kids so happy?!?  Jett was seriously so happy and loved all the characters.  Dancing in his chair and stuffing his face.  Blakely didn't like Mickey Mouse and even was scared of him because he was so short she said.  You can't fool this girl!  She was obsessed with Daisy and asked for Minnie the whole time.  Jett was obsessed with Stitch even though we had to ask who he was...

Blakely of course had to get up and learn a dance and show her moves with all the kids!
 The plan was for all of us to enjoy a day at Disneyland, but after breakfast Jett was of course ready for a nap!  So Scott dropped Blakely and I off and went back to the hotel where Jett slept for 31/2 hours straight.  Blakely and I had the time of our life together.  It was so fun and special!

 Her first plane ride with mom.  Highlights of Disneyland were:  the pink tea cup, it's a small world, Star Wars, Princess Ariel stopping and talking to her, getting this giant cotton candy for her and her deciding it was disgusting, Finding Nemo, the awesome parade, and just being with my happy girl.  I don't know who enjoyed it more me or her.  I just loved seeing her glow.

 The next morning Blakely and I caught some rays while Scott worked and Jett napped.  Then we had to check out so we head to the Long Beach Pier.  Blakely crashed in the car on the way there and ended up sleeping for two hours in the car while Scott worked so I took Jett for a long walk on the pier and we visited the aquarium.  It was another gorgeous day and fun to get some one on one time with him.
 Blakely woke up and we went for another walk around the pier and by that time Jett was ready for his second nap...  Notice Scott in the right picture in the background on his phone...  We'll it wasn't the family vacation we were hoping for, but at least we were all together in the sun!


Southern Belle said...

That's an awesome last minute vacation! I loved all of Blakely's little outfits! That looked so fun:)


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