Friday, December 7, 2012


Sometimes you just need to get out and so Reno is always our favorite spot to visit because I have 4 sweet nieces that we don't see near enough.  And my fabulous brother and sister in law!  I convinced my mom to fly with me and we had a great weekend away!  My dad quickly dropped her off at the airport and we were off!  Kids were great on the flight and its always nice to have an extra pair of hands for once and not have to fly alone!
My sister even surprised me and took the 5 hour drive alone with two kids under two bless her heart!  It was one crazy fun packed house!  We were spoiled by my mom watching all of the kids so we could go to a movie one day, and shop the next!  
 And yes that would be 7 out of 8 kids at one table eating like kings at their house!
 We did some shopping at the outlets and the girls and Grandma bought them all cute shirts at GAP to match and they danced like usual!

 We went to the best kids museum ever and spent all day their!  My favorite was the paint wall that they literally just rinsed off after so they could start over.

 How cool is this contraption?!?
Oh and I got to see my baby Savvy!  She melts me...
My attempt of getting Grandma with all 8 kids under 7....
 Jett became even more mobile while we were there trying to keep up with all of the 7 girls.  Bless his manly heart...

 The girls played... and played... and played!

 Thank you for always letting us take over your house and cooking amazing meals!  Love you guys!!!


Karen Harris said...

this makes me miss my family. You're so great to go visit them.


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