Monday, December 10, 2012


This year we were with the big Bell clan for Thanksgiving!  The night before all of us adults went to a movie.  I think all of these high energy boys needed something besides Linclon cuz I sure did have a good nap during it.  
 My mother in law was ambitious and wanted a family picture so on Thanksgiving I set up my lights and tripod and a neighbor boy came over and clicked away.  Well what you see is what you get cuz that many kids looking at the camera is impossible.  

 Watching Grandma and Grandpa try to control all 7 kids under 4 for a picture was so comical as you can see!  
 Blakely is obsessed with her hair straightened now and always wanted Grandma to do it.
 Uncle Jared being a good uncle.
 My cute in laws and Josh and Alicia's new addition just 3 days old!  Pretty crazy huh to have a brand new baby and be willing to pose for pics.  I sure wouldn't!
 The grand kids being indians and Blakely dancing like a indian princess.  She made me paint her face even though I didn't have anything so it pretty much looks like a disaster!

The boys doing what they do best.  Sitting on their butts by the fire.  All in all it was a great Thanksgiving and the food was amazing for the first Thanksgiving at home and not going out to eat for the Bell's.  I loved it!!!



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