Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blakely's Halloween Birthday Bash

For Blakely's birthday party this year, we decided to do a halloween birthday bash and have all the kids come in costume!  Blakely is very interested in playing doctor lately so she chose to be a doctor/nurse.  
Since the garage party was such a hit with the family party, I thought why not?!?  So we blew up the bounce house, made halloween masks, got halloween tattoos, played pin the nose on the pumpkin, and had treats and cake and opened presents!  What more could kids love to do?  Everyone seem to have a blast and Scott even brought a tv in the garage and we turned on Rio at the end to let all the kids simmer down from their sugar overload.  She was one happy girl!

Thankful that I had helpers or else I wouldn't have survived this party!  

The pros of having a studio in your  basement!  They all loved posing for pictures and we just sent out thank you cards with each kids picture in it!  I can't believe my bug is 4!
Some things about Blakely at 4:
still maybe a little too smart
still doesn't care to eat, but we are working on it
loves dance, gymnastics, and swimming
has a tender heart and comforts kids all the time
tells me multiple times a day that she loves me and I'm the best
is a little miss mom a little too much to Jett
weighs 32 lbs and is tall still
still very social and loves to sing



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