Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10.18.2012 My baby turns one

 The day Jett turned one we did all his favorite things.  Most of that includes eating and playing.  We woke up and relaxed and had cake pops for breakfast!  

 Then we went to Blakely's room where he loves to play and did his 2nd favorite thing which is play naked.  
 After we somewhat got ready for the day, we of course had to take advantage of the beautiful weather!      We did his 3rd favorite thing which was take a ride in his truck with his sister.  
 Blakely was so cute with him all day.  She calls him "Bubba."  So in her sweet voice she would say, "Bubba I can't believe you are one!"  Best sister.

 When Daddy got home we went to Blue Lemon for dinner where he got to eat some more and destroy a cupcake.
I remember when I had him with two easy pushes their he was.  Immediately I felt that he was so special and so sweet.  If anyone spends time with him, they know how sweet he is and he just melts my heart.  Blakely was very independent from birth and never really needed me.  But he is my snuggle bug, my buddy, always hanging at my feet needing me, flashing me cheesy smiles, hitting me and laughing, my lil boy.  How fast he grew and how much we love him.  Happy 1st Birthday Jett.


Sessions said...

what a beautiful family you have, its fun to see the getting so big. hope all is well.


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