Monday, March 19, 2012


I can't believe my little guy is 5 months old!  It really makes me sad and I want him to stop growing!  He is such a joy in our family and my favorite thing about him is probably that he will smile at me all day long when I'm not even paying any attention to him.  He's amazing that way.  He is so happy and pretty chill for the most part.  He just started to love his jumperoo and is starting to jump like crazy.  I think he will be sitting up before he is rolling over... The poor kid just can't seem to move his heavy body and figure out how to roll over.  But I'm ok with it until my arms want to fall off from lugging him around all day.  He is my little buddy.  Some of the things he enjoys is:  watching me on the treadmill, baby einstein, his bouncer and jumperoo, sucking on his fingers and anything else that he thinks he can get food from, baths by daddy, being sung to, his eyes follow his big sis all day and he is always curious on where she is, loves going to Blakely's swimming lessons, and loves walks.
Love you my baby jett.


Jeremy and Jani said...

i love that kid so much. he is so freaking cute!


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