Sunday, April 1, 2012

MARCH 2012

 Seriously where did March go?!?  I decided I'm going to do a monthly post even if it kills me on my kids!  They just grow too fast for me not to document this special time.
Jett is now almost 5 1/2 months and the bomb!  I seriously think everyone is so obsessed with this kid cuz literally he is so FAT.  I love it!  I never knew I would love a chubby kid so much and I'm sorry honey if this is how your childhood is remembered.  
What I love about Jett:
His blue eyes:  I didn't even touch them in the above picture.  They are just pure, innocent blue.
His lips:  They are just always perfectly kissable.
His big thighs:  Love how they don't even fit in the Bumbo unless forced.
His giggle and smile:  So easy going and will pretty much smile on command.
His temperament:  Just along for the ride for the most part.
Mommy's boy:  How I feel that he needs me and wants me most of all.
His cuddles:  His body just snuggles into you somehow.

 This is our version of TUMMY TIME.  Poor kid if you had to hold this head up, you would struggle too!  We are working on it.  Pretty sure he will be sitting before rolling over.

 Then we have Miss Blakely aka spitfire, princess, sweetheart, daddy's girl, dancer, swimmer, lover.
Blakely has had a lot of fun this winter!  Started her in swimming lessons in January and we are so proud of her!  She is a fish and it makes us all excited to swim this summer.  She dives off the side and swims safely on her own which gives me peace of mind.  She loves dance, but not going to lie has been very naughty at dance lately.  Miss social is not meant to be in the same class as 5 of her ward friends.  She socializes and gets really hyper.  Poor teacher.  We are working on it!  
She loves preschool and tells me about everything she does.  She made the shy girl in the class her best friend and pretty sure she just drags her around all day.  She loves music class the most cuz it includes singing and dancing of course.
She has loved going to Primary since January and singing time is her favorite!  She puts on a show every week I'm told.
Blakely is 3 going on 13.  Now that its getting warm, I'm having a hard time keeping her indoors.  She sees kids outside and its like bye mom!  She doesn't understand that she isn't big enough to just go outside on her own and that mommy has a baby that can't always be outside.  Her boyfriend is our 5 year old neighbor Seth.  
She loves to bake with me.  We are always making cupcakes or cookies and I end up eating them.
Her dad gave her a flashlight and now she wants to sleep with it.  Not the best Dad move.
We love you B and please stay sweet!

 All the poses and props thanks to Miss B.  She had to have her backpack pretending to go to school.  Then had to change the Cozette Couture hair bow out of course.  Then had to jump like a frog so high!  

As for Scott and I it was a busy month, but we fit in Vegas to celebrate his 30th birthday!  So relaxing!  Went to a show, laid out, shopped, and slept.  Love you babe!


Tiffany Bills said...

Love all these pictures awesome! They are both just too cute :)


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