Saturday, March 3, 2012


 February usually goes by slowly cuz we are all sick of the cold, but I swear it flew by!  This little man seriously is the easiest baby to make smile and I love it!  He has the best temper-meant  and pretty much smiles whenever you want him too.  
 We had a great LOVE day and Blakely loved going to school and giving out her Valentines and also getting so many from her friends!
Blakely and I also got flowers from dad, but her favorite part was the balloon of course.

 She started posing on her bed with her hear balloon.  One day I will get around to taking pics of her room that my mom and I consumed ourselves with last summer.  I love how it turned out and it makes me so happy!
Then this not so little man turned 4 months!  Scott and I went on a short trip to CA where I spent most of the time being sick in bed.  So much for a vacation without kids!
Here are his stats:
Weight: 17.8 lbs
Length:  26 inches
Head: 16 inches

On to March!!!


Jeremy and Jani said...

I have yet to see those pillows on her bed. they are amazing! Jett is so freaking adorable i can't get enough of him. cutest kids ever! love you all.


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