Saturday, July 30, 2011


 There is no better holiday in my mind then the 4th and we had a blast in my little hometown!  They just do it right!  Blakely's cousins came into town so we had to fly back to be with them at my parents for a week of constant fun.  She loves her cousins and it couldn't be cuter to see them all playing.  This summer is crazy like usual.  We have been to WY, back to UT, to South Dakota, back to UT, to CA for a beach trip with my sis, back to UT, and we are back in WY now.  Blakely is the best traveler and it doesn't even scare me going on a long flight or driving in the car with just her for 7 hours.  She has grown into a little girl this summer and it makes me so sad, but its so fun!  
 My darling nieces and my brother who is "SUPER UNCLE" and is never allowed to get married.  He lived with me a little this summer and it was amazing!  Playing with B, mowing my lawn, emptying the trash without being asked!  Everyone needs someone like him!

 The girls participated in the KIDS PARADE where they decorated bikes and wagons.  It was so cute and a little hot, but worth the popsicle!
 Everyday we just swam in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.  The girls were in heaven and so were the adults!  I have no idea how I didn't get a picture of my parents or the adults, but that happens when you have 4 girls running around!  Blakely is always cold even when its 90 out.  It cracks me up!
 The main big parade where the girls got enough candy to last them until Halloween!
 My favorite is the clowns cuz they are decked out and all the wonderful floats!

 Grab candy and run!  Blakely loves hanging out with boys the most.  

 On the actual 4th Scott flew in and was working in Evanston so we met him in Park City and his parents for dinner and the Alpine Slide.  Oh it was heaven!  It was amazing being with him before 10 pm at night even though it was still 7!  If you can't tell, Blakely was really happy to be with all the people she loves!

 And if you can't tell she is really obsessed with both grandparents and her dumb baby that she was bringing everywhere for a week!  I finally hid it!

 Wasn't too sure of the huge fireworks and being up past 9!  We finally put her down at 11, but she was a trooper!
 In the morning her and I were hanging out at home and she was so excited when the scouts put the flag in our yard!  I'm in scouts so she's obsessed with the boys and thought it was so cool!  Every time we are driving and she sees a flag she tells me to put my hand on my heart like the scouts do!  Smart girl!
And for my own memory some funny things she has done lately:
"Mom my poop is green, take a picture!"
She makes friends wherever we go and always is sure to tell them that I'm her mommy and that I have a baby brother in my tummy.
When she wakes up she usually sings "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" at the top of her lungs
"Mom I have a big booger"
In the airport bathroom, "Push mom push while grunting" while I'm only peeing
On the airplane she was entertaining the 3 people behind us and put her hand out to shake and said "Nice to meet you."
"Mom, daddy in WY working huh" says this every morning
"Mom baby brother just kicked me!"
I'm sure I will think of more, but wow this is turning into a novel!


jacksonhaleywarrenandhaus said...

OK I want to go to that parade it looked so fun. I have to say Blakelys outfits are darling.

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

what a darling post I cannot believe how all the Nyborg granddaughters look exactly alike... they could be sisses Seriously, so cute.
COme home.... for the love!

J.Frey said...

So cute! And I can't believe how much she looks like her cousins. She is adorable!

Shantel said...

Cute Pics, do you do family photos? Like a group of 13? Uh how stinkin' cute is Blakely? She is growing up so fast, and looks like a little girl, not a baby anymore!

Callie said...

Great pictures, I love their 4th of July outfits! Blakely is a doll and I love how she says take a picture of her poo cause it's green haha! Don't you love the things they say?!

Alisa said...

They are all so cute!


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