Friday, August 5, 2011

California Part 1

 My little brother Zach and I flew out to CA to spend some time with our favorite people!  
Daily routine:  BEACH 11-4, back to house and play in pool from 4-5, short naps, and go out to dinner.
It was heaven and it would be trouble if I lived close by my sister.  Blake joined us on the beach on Saturday and the girls had a blast since he's a busy working man.  
 She always just wants to be thrown higher!  And she prefers to chase boys around rather than play with girls.
 I can't believe I didn't get one picture of my sister and I!  But at least I got my two favorites together.  Scarlet turns one on Sunday and I can't believe it!
 Thought it was cool to bury uncle Blake in the sand, but not too cool when he tries to bury you!
 As you can see, Blakely looked like joker for a whole day due to the fact when I was in the shower she decided to put on my permanent lip stain color!  Let's just say that stuff doesn't come off for at least a day!  But I love this picture of them!  They certainly don't look like their moms, but somehow look like sisters themselves!

 BEST UNCLE EVER!  If I need a sitter ever, my little bro is the one to call!  Blakely loves him so much and in a way he has been her male figure for the summer since Scott is gone.
We love you Zach and thanks for helping and being constant entertainment!

Till next time CA... hopefully in a month!


Lindsay said...

You take AMAZING pictures! Seriously, I am beyond impressed! You have such a beautiful family!

Sarah Peterson said...

Your sister's little girl and Blakely do totally look like sisters! Both beautiful girls! Looks like you are having a blast and can't wait to hang out sometime soon! :)

Blake and Mikelle said...

Come back please! Tomorrow would be great :)

~Conradis~ said...

You have one of the cutest families, so neat you guys are so close when you are so far away! Adorable pics as usual!

Callie said...

I need a photo class from you to learn how to work my camera, great pictures as always! What a fun trip! Those pictures of Blakely and Zach are so cute!

whitney holland. said...

Chelsea Blakely is too die for! I love all your pictures!!


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