Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Blakely has been telling me randomly about once a week "Happy Mother's Day."  And I love it!  But now its all about Father's Day!  I'm so glad we came out to South Dakota to see Scott for Father's Day.  They definitely have a very strong and interesting bond.  Sometimes I like to call it a LOVE/HATE relationship.  Like Daddy please don't throw me 10 feet high in the air and then he does it and she loves it.  Or Daddy don't tickle me I hate it and then he does and she loves it.  Like every child she looks up to her dad and I'm so grateful that she can.  Our summers are crazy and we get to spend little time with Scott, but the moments we do spend are really special and make us appreciate each other even more.  Blakely says "Happy Family" when she can see that we are truly happy and gives us big hugs.  Thanks for all the sacrifices I know you make for us and being a great dad to her.  She loves you more than you know.  Thanks to the great examples in my life and I would write something sweet, but I know my dad and father in law wouldn't even know what a blog was.  But I love you and can't wait to come back home over the 4th to see family.  


Stacy said...

Summers are rough! I don't know how you do it going back and forth! We are almost half way done though! Yippee! Congrats on the new baby boy on the way!

casey.chelsea.cali said...

Love this picture! Are y'all coming back soon? We miss you two!


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