Monday, November 22, 2010


We took off for the week to California to of course go see my sister and new niece Scarlet!  We left just in time for the cold weather and had such a blast!  Blakely just loves it there and we did a lot of girl time, shopping, eating out, beach time, and her favorite the petting zoo!
 We all can't get enough of the beach!  Took most of the pics with my iphone, but they didn't turn out too bad!

 On Saturday Blake finally had work off so we rented a 4 person bike and cruised around and got lunch. Isn't it sooo cool?!?

Blakely's favorite thing is this awesome petting zoo!  She's not scared of much that's for sure!  Check out how she handled this huge hamster!

 She loves having her own seat on the flight now and just drank her juice and lounged.
It was so sad to say goodbye to this face.  Blakely mothered her all week and her favorite game is playing with her "babies" now!  She feeds them, puts a diaper on, and tucks them in.  We love Baby Scarlet!

Blakely did pick up on some awesome dance moves while we were there!
Two of my sister in laws just moved there too so we can't wait for even more excuses to go to CA!  
Thanks Mikelle and Blake for always putting up with us!!!


Jeremy and Jani said...

I feel like she has gotten so big! I miss her, miss you!!!!

Ambo said...

that blakly is so stinkin cute

~Conradis~ said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky! You guys are always in Cali, but like you said some posts ago, you wouldn't be surprised if you lived there one day! She is getting so big! Isn't amazing how their motherly mannerisms start to kick in!

Natalie said...

Looks like a great trip! Your new little niece is beautiful!


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