Monday, November 15, 2010

typical sunday

 Before the snow landed we had one great Sunday...  Long boarding is her favorite thing to do lately and we are probably the only parents that pull their two year old behind a truck to go faster.  She's a maniac, but we love her.   
 This is her fake cry... You know when you tell them its time to go inside and they don't want to.  Love this face!!!
 I was driving and took a picture through my rear view mirror.  
 When it was warm we would do this every day after her nap.

I just wanted to remember this last Sunday of nice weather we had.  Now I will just stare out the window at the miserable snow outside for the next 4 months.  


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

dude, winter has me so depressed. are you up for getting a few families or couples together to rent a sweet house in mexico or something??? January or Feb?? Please???
And you said 4 months of winter, that is best case, itll probably be nov, dec, jan, fev, march, april nad a little in may too.. BOO!

Tiffany Bills said...

I love this post! I knew it was a Sunday because of the basketball shorts and black socks...all the boys in my life do it the same :)

She is so cute and I love that she is so daring...Ty needs to get his game up! haha

Alisa said...

That is why you need to move to California :)

JORDEL said...

HAHAHAHAHA! These pictures are so funny. That looks like so much fun! I'm going out to buy a longboard and tow rope right now :)


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