Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 This week this little nugget started calling me "MOM."  What happened to the sweet little "mommy" in her baby voice.... she yells "MOM" like she's a teenager!  It breaks my heart that she is growing up, but at the same time I love it!  I think she was getting jealous of all the other kids pics I take so I found her sitting on a chair ready to get her picture taken today. 
Today we had playgroup at our house.  She has 6 little girlfriends in the ward whom she loves and peeps out the window until they come to the door to play.  
At least she still thinks I'm funny!
Today the girls discovered my basement studio and had a blast needless to say.  Friends come over and play!  


Natalie said...

It is sad that they are growing up! She looks absolutely gorgeous as usual!

casey.chelsea.cali said...

That's it...I am totally starting a play group as soon as possible. Looks so fun for those girls!

Callie said...

I still think your funny too Chels :) Blakely is getting so big, love her! Cute pictures!

JORDEL said...

I can imagine that it is so sad when they call you Mom. Just wait until she starts calling you Chelsea, hahahaha.

~Conradis~ said...

Wait until she tells you to wait a second... And the "I can'ts" those will put you right into the teenage years! She is adorable!

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

invite us and we will come, especially if pics are involved.
and ps wanna go somewhere fun in January??


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