Friday, August 13, 2010


Click on this link to see Blakely laughing her head off in the car cuz all of us sister in laws were talking and she wasn't getting attention.  This was after she had already laughed her heart out for 10 minutes, but it's still great!

Since being home this last month Blakely and I have been keeping ourselves busy with swimming, playing with Grandma's, dog sitting, play dates, and me redecorating the house.  First my office, then laundry room, and almost done with her bathroom, and then the master is next.  I finally put down my big camera and just enjoyed this last month bonding with her since Scott is gone.  Here she is swimming with Grandma Rachelle!
Was in heaven one day cuz we dog sat my friend Christi's awesome dog Layla.  This girl is obsessed with dogs!  I'm down with dog sitting just not getting one, unless its Layla...
We had a swim day at Hailey's where all the high school friends kids got to play.
P.S.  Check out Blakely and Max.  They're in love and follow each other around.
Hitching a ride with Jaxon and Kenna bug.
We went to the awesome Splash Pad by our house with some more little friends.
And Blakely's favorite... watching DORA!  The girl is obsessed and her hair is now in a ponytail!  She looks so big I'm going to cry!


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

yay! for fun summer stuff! Come over soon.

~Conradis~ said...

I know how you feel, they grow too fast! time for another... ha ha, that video, her laugh, so freaking cute, I love her. She is a doll Chels! Good Job!

Natalie said...

Looks like fun! Let's play again soon!

Ty and Staci Williams said...

Chelsey your little girl is getting sooo big!! And I'm beyond jealous that she slept 12 hours a night ALWAYS! My little dude has started sleeping a little it's just the battle of putting him down at night! I'm hoping once we're home and in a more normal routine he'll do better :) Hopefully we'll see you guys soon!


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