Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love. Joy. Happiness.

Most important stuff first.  My sister had her beautiful girl Scarlet.  I'm so happy she has finally arrived and is here safe.  As for my sister, her labor was like a horror film.  It's killing me to live in different states, but I can't wait to see her.  So much for us getting blonde kids when we marry dark guys.  She reminds me so much of Blakely.  They are the best parents any child could wish for and I'm so happy and love Scarlet so much already.
As for this little girl who is taking over my life, she is the best.  In a way, I have loved having her all to myself these last two months.  Anyone who knows her well, knows that she has been so independent sine birth.  I have never held or rocked her to sleep cuz all she wants is her crib.  But lately she has been the biggest cuddle bug.  She gives me random hugs and kisses throughout the day and she is melting me with each one.
She believes her dad lives in the computer through Skype... ha ha but we can't wait to spend some quality time again as a family.  
I have now realized that Grandma's house is much cooler.  She strips me down to go play in the rain and doesn't care if she gets soaking wet.  We have also enjoyed spending time with family and being home for once during the summer.  Don't you love my parents dog on their heels in the background?!?
We did go visit Daddy and went to Mt. Rushmore for a few days.  She loved the Alpine Slide and I was just hoping that she would be alive by the time Scott came flying down at the bottom.  
Scott and Josh raced... let's just say that Josh has scrapes all over his body.  Nothing like some brotherly love and some competition.
Another month down... wow is summer really almost over?!?  I'm in denial!  Time to play!  Can you believe she will be two in two months?  I'm in denial about that too!


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

love baby scarlett pics, so happy for Mikelle and Blake. Love cute Blakely, I want to squeeze her. And I love the pics of your mom and Blakely getting chased by Kramer.
love love love it all

Natalie said...

Your new little niece is so cute, lots of dark hair ;)
Glad the summer is almost over because of Apx but not because I love it! Let's play again soon!

Callie said...

Scarlett is so beautiful, I'm so happy for them! Cute pictures, I love the last one of Blakely, she is so dang cute! I wish we could stop time right now so our kids would stay little, I still can't believe I have a 7 year old!

~Conradis~ said...

newborn babes are the best, congrats to your sister, and your little babes, isn't so little anymore, oh chels she is an absolute doll!

JORDEL said...

Brinley is such a little doll!

Stacy said...

She is so cute! i think my girls think nick's lives in the computer too! By the way, how do you get her to keep her headbands and hats on? Did she go through a phase where she took them off her head? Mine used to be fine with them, but now they take them off the second I put them on!

Anonymous said...

Oh she does have dark hair. I love it. Tell her congratulations and one day...our kiddos can play since they are the same age. : ) And you do Blakelys hair so cute. She looks so much older these days. Love you girl. Thanks for all your help the last few weeks. Really a true friend!


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