Monday, June 23, 2014

Dad's 60th Birthday Party!!!

 No one is more deserving in this world than my dad.  My mom did a great job planning his 60th birthday party and it was very special!  My favorite was we all came up with 60 reasons why we love him.  It was adorable!!!

 This is one Grandpa that is super involved with his grandchildren.  I appreciate how everything is about the kids and he is willing to get down and dirty with them.  He never complains and is going swimming, jumping on the tramp for hours, holding, feeding, putting kids to bed, and sacrificing his body to be a horse.  He's truly adored and I'm so grateful that especially Jett has a great man to look up to.  Jett's favorite person his Grandpa and my dad worked hard to get his love and that is who he wants at all times.  

 My mom is smart and had the party at the dance studio.  The kids had a big party after doing gymnastics and dance to music.  Great plan!


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