Monday, June 23, 2014

APRIL 2014

 Scott's 32nd birthday:  Scott's not into birthday's too much but we always enjoy having a family Sunday dinner!

 Dad got what he wanted for his birthday and we went to the sand dunes for a razr ride!  It was a great family day together!  

 Every night before bedtime the kids have enjoyed playing on the tramp and wrestling with Scott.
 Our ward does the cutest easter egg hunt that the kids enjoyed.

 Easter morning is always something I look forward to.  I love collecting things for the kids and their favorite present by far was WOW cup!  Blakely got so excited that she had a cup that didn't spill out of all things!

 Since I had the kids in their easter best for church, I got some pics of them!  They were being so freaking adorable with each other and I'm so glad we took the time for it!  

 We headed down to Grandma's on Easter Sunday and had the usual Bell easter egg hunt!  It was a hit and they love playing with their cousins.

 Blakely joined me on a photo shoot at the orchard so I had to snap some of her even though it started to rain on her!  



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