Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 We started January off with a bang!  My sister and her family stayed with us and it was so much fun to have some company.  Scott of course had to buy the whole firework store and the kids had a blast and were in bed at 8:30 so us adults could hang out!  Perfect people to spend New Years with!

 My kids loved spending time with their cousins and they spent a lot of time playing dress up and running around like wild animals.  

 Jett is just way too much fun and definitely has a mind of his own and knows what he wants!  He's a genius on the ipad and I usually find him playing in the sink or cupboard.  He cracks me up all day long.

 Blakely got her first loose tooth just months after turning 5!  Way too young!!!  I had to hurry and get some pics of her before she enters the awkward stage with missing teeth.  Her first tooth hang by a thread for days until she finally had the guts to yank it out herself.  Cutest video ever.

 Showing me her tooth hanging by a thread.  



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