Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bell Christmas 2013

 POLAR EXPRESS:  We started out the Bell Family Christmas taking the kids on the train.  I definitely would say that this was a highlight!  Everyone was in great moods and we had a great time!  A new tradition for sure!  Some loved Santa and some weren't too sure so that was fun to watch.

 The kids loved this elf the most and smothered her.  They basically took over the train like usual and had a dance party.

 We did get some snow and enough was on the roads that we went sledding behind the truck that night!  
 Grandma Rachelle had a huge menu planned for the week.  The kids made homemade pizza and the Rice Krispie trees were a hit with all the candy!!!

 This was our first attempt at the Christmas story.  Grandma had got all this fabric and we were able to make some fun costumes.  The kids actually did pretty well considering how young they all are.

 Blakely was a perfect Mary and Porsha a perfect angel.
 It all ended with suckers in the boys hands to try and keep them still and quiet but hey we tried!!!
 The classic picture of all the kids in their new christmas pajamas for Grandma!!!  Tradition every year.
 Christmas eve we exchanged one gift and it was fun to watch to see how many Bell's it took to put together Jett's new bike.
 The adults christmas pajama tradition!  This is what it looked like quietly on christmas eve before the kids woke up at the crack of dawn.

 The kids trying to wait patiently to go down the stairs.  Blakely snuck down we think at like 5 in the morning and already saw everything!!!  
 It was definitely chaotic with 8 kids under 5 and most of them wanted each others toys and aren't too good at sharing!  It was a christmas to remember and my kids enjoyed it very much!  I loved watching Jett!

I love christmas so much and I hope my kids grow up and enjoy it as much as I did as a child!  



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