Sunday, November 3, 2013


 We were so lucky to go on an amazing trip to a place called Pirates Cove.  Scott's office won it from Vivint in the summer and he was able to take all his guys here.  Its by Lake Mead in Vegas and is basically a huge compound with different buildings with the nicest rooms and bathrooms.  Every corner you turn the owner has put a "pirate theme."  You can't even picture it until you experience it.  It is pure heaven for kids and adults.  So convenient with outdoor kitchens, like 5 pools, two water slides, a rope swing, and much more.  It really was the perfect trip with great friends and family.  The kids went down the huge water slide over and over again.  I loved seeing my babies so happy!  

 This girl is such a crack up and was in pure "boy" heaven!  I always love when my sis in laws are with me and I get to spend quality time with family.  

 I'm always nervous traveling with Jett cuz he is such a home body!  He was great and loved everything!  My boys are the best.

 Blakely and Joshy have the cutest relationship and it works cuz he is absolutely crazy hanging with all the big kids.  The slide was so fast I thought I was going to die a couple of times.  And of course I had to jump, but Scott is so scared of heights!  What a woos.  

 This is where you came out of the water slide at into this gorgeous pool.  

 My baby turned two while we were there!  It is so crazy to think that he is two!  If you haven't seen his killer dance moves you are missing out.  He will show you his spins, hand stand, and break dance for you.  I got him a huge cake on his birthday and he was able to blow his candles out which he enjoys a little too much!  I love this lil guy so much and I'm so happy we were blessed to go on this family trip that we will always remember.  



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