Friday, April 6, 2012


 My man turned 30 today.  I tried to pull off a surprise party but who knows if they ever work!!!  We just surprised him at his awesome work and I just did a Vivint theme since we were at his work.  Thanks to my mother in law for helping me like crazy.  Tiffany Bills for designing the banner and 30 things and the big giant balloons and accessories.  Best friend ever!  And Whitney from Modern Cake for the amazing 123 lbs worth of cake!!!  Only the bottom layer left of this delicious cake.

 If you know Scott, we'll he was a lot of fun as a child and a lot of trouble.  It wasn't long for his family and I to come up with 30 facts about Scott.  It kind of turned into 30 dumb things he had done, but none the less the funniest list ever!  Good thing he has grown up.
 He was the cutest boy so I couldn't help but put his school pics up growing up!
 30 candles looks like a lot of work babe.

And thanks to all the family and friends that helped!  I couldn't have done it without you!


Jason and Amy said...

number 2 was my favorite. scott always trying to out throw someone

John J. Palica said...

Scott, just read your birthday list. Although i am 53 years old i think i could still out throw you brother. Maybe i am just stupid but age doesn't ever cure stupidity I learned! Ha! Nice blog. Brother Palica


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