Friday, April 13, 2012


I just love April so much!  We had such a great easter!  It included looking dapper for church, the kids getting their easter baskets, and going down to Scott's parents to enjoy a great meal and egg hunt!

 I guess with two kids the perfect family photo with everyone looking at the camera goes out the window sometimes, but I sure do love them!
 I'm really into details lately and my mother in law did a terrific job on dinner and the kids cute baskets.

 After dinner the men enjoyed the couch a little too much watching the Masters, but at least my kids snuggled Grandpa for a second.
 Love that Jett tanks Beckham and they are 7 months apart.  Lovely.
 The tramp is always the best and he sure is the most handsome little boy ever!  Obsessed with his personality!
We went outside for an easter egg hunt and Blakely had to get her new Nikes on so she could run fast.  I think every kid would die for an egg even if it is clear up in a tree! 
Blakely is such a great helper with her little cousins and it makes me excited for when Jett gets older.  She loved pushing Beckham around the house on his car.


Jeremy and Jani said...

hahaha i have got to get copies of all those! so much fun. love those kids!


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