Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend of Parties

 Scott's company threw a great black and white party last Friday complete with a magic show, gambling with fake money of course, and about 1,000 people dressed up!  Loved seeing my cute girlfriends all fancy and I gotta admit, it kind of felt like prom on steroids.

We went with our favorite couple Jeremy and Jani and Jared and his hot date.  
Three of the Bell Boys dressed to impress!!!
 Scott and I took his office to dinner at The Roof before the main event.  Food was delicious and Scott gave his speech and told the guys how much he loved them and surprisingly held back the tears.  If any of you know him, you know he can be an emotional fella when speaking.  Love it.

 On Saturday night "Nitro Circus with Travis Pastrena" came into town and put on a big show for his company!  We just wish we didn't bring the little peanut cuz someone didn't want to hold still and it was awfully cold!  Blakely and her friend Lily thinking they are so cool hanging out in The Rhino.
 We watched the rest of it from our car and it was still amazing!  They parachuted into the arena and were crazy the rest of the night!  Such a great weekend and we had a blast!


Jason and Amy said...

you guys look gorgeous at the black tie event i love it! love the bell boys and their crooked smiles totally HOT :)

casey.chelsea.cali said...

The Bell boys are definitely some good lookin' guys!! You said it so right...the event was totally like prom on steriouds, haha! Such a great night. Can't wait till next years!

Jodi said...

As always, you look like a total knockout:) Im so sad I missed it! It looks like you had a fun time.

Lindsey said...'re hot! And I totally want another prom. Dances were sooooooo much fun.


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