Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catching up!

We'll, I'm now in Portland!  But before I headed off to Portland my mom and I threw a shower for my one and only sis that is expecting her first little girl in August.  We couldn't be more ecstatic to add a "little dancer" to the family.  I had my friend Tiff whip up the invite and as always, loved it!
My mom had to get the smallest ballet shoes that ever existed to put on top of some flowers.  Hilarious!

My sweet dad who is going to have is 5th grand daughter!!!  That's right!
We don't do boys in this family I guess.
All of my sisters high school friends came!  Now that's impressive.  So loved!
My 92 year old Grandma.  Yes 92!
And Mikelle wondering how she is going to get all that on the flight back to CA!
Love showers and I'm so happy that we can experience motherhood together. 


casey.chelsea.cali said...

I'm amazed at your grandma!! 92?! I would have never guessed that, she looks beautiful! I didn't know there were only girl grandbabies on your side. How fun when y'all all get together. Cali would love having that many girls around.

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

yay! congrats kell!

Alicia said...

cutest baby shower ever!!!

jillian said...

i didnt even know that she was pregos!!! im so happy for her! cute party.

The Shupes said...

My mom said the shower was great, but your mom is so good at that stuff. I am so happy for Mikelle. But I wanted to say Happy Birthday!! I can't believe we turn 27 this year!! I hope you are having fun.


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