Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Scott and I snuck a getaway in just before we move to Portland for the summer and I lose my husband to his work...  Not many pics cuz we just layed by the pool, shopped, and ate good food!
Thanks to my mom for watching B at the last minute!
I think I didn't move from my lawn chair for like 4 hours!  If you haven't stayed at the new hotel, "Encore" it's amazing with the best decor ever!
We met up with some great friends for dinner at Joe's Steakhouse one night who had the same idea as us before the busy work summer!  It was great chatting with these girls as we all have little girls around the same age.  
Our amazing room was huge!  This is only one side of it!  
But I gotta say the best part of the vacation was the La Reve show!
Let's just say that Scott and I will be going to Vegas just for the shows now!  Talk about amazing!
They do gymnastics and acrobats in the water.  I don't even know how to explain it cuz it was that awesome!  If you ever go to Vegas it's a must see!!!


Natalie said...

What a great little trip! Makes me want to go :) Glad you had fun...so sad you are leaving for the summer.

casey.chelsea.cali said...

I'm so glad you liked the show just as much as we did. Amazing! And we will definitely be staying at the Encore next time. The second I walked in I realized why you were raving about it!

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

girl, what have I told you? the shows are freakin awesome. next time we better be there too. Love ya

Jeremy and Jani said...

that show is my favorite, i want jeremy to see it so bad. It is so hard to explain to people how amazing it is. Next time we are going with you.

Callie said...

Glad you guys could getaway just the 2 of you! That show does sound awesome! I love your Easter pictures by the way!

~Conradis~ said...

Like I said before, every time I get on here I swear you guys have been somewhere! Looks like fun! I am SO SO SO jealous!

Sarah said...

CHels, you are so damn hot! Glad you guys had fun, I'll have to keep La Reve in mind when I go to Vegas next month.

kate moss said...

Oh I'm jealous! I love vegas. Nothing better than laying by the pool and eating. Glad you got a little break.


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