Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter and a Birthday!

So this last weekend is always one of my favorites.   Easter, Scott's birthday, conference weekend and usually the flowers are blooming and it's beginning to feel like spring.  But this year we got snow instead.  Kill me!  But I had fun putting together Blakely's easter basket and seeing how entertained she was by the holiday.  
I think she loved opening and closing the eggs more than anything.  She really hasn't liked chocolate, but after easter this girl loves peanut M&M's like her mom.  I'm just glad she's finally eating!  
Scott thinks every holiday is stupid, but I'm hoping that Blakely will change his mind.  We had so much fun watching her.
Her easter basket included: bubbles, swimsuit, the new Pediped gold shoes that are too die for, play doh, movies, Pez, bunny, new hair accesories, new cup with candy necklaces and bracelets, duckies for bath, and eggs.  She is set!  
I should have known that she would just love BUBBLES.  She brings the bubbles to us all day and wants to blow them.  It never gets old!  I don't have any easter decorations except my bunny that I love~
We colored some eggs for the first time together, but she was more into smashing them.  Blakely and her bubbles and her new favorite accessory to put on her candy necklace.  
While Scott went to Priesthood, I wanted to get some pictures of her in her easter dress, but someone didn't want to cooperate for once!  She either wanted to shake her pink rattle from Mexico, not look at me or stick her tongue out!  But she sure does pose for the camera every now and then!  
When we went to CA my sister whipped this necklace out for Blakely in 10 minutes.  It's just darling and I made her a matching bracelet.  She loves them Kel!  

On easter Sunday we had both families over to celebrate My Big Hunk's 28th Birthday!!!
It was an awesome day with great food and company!  Scott gets so weird and shy when he is the center of attention.  Go figure since nothing makes him shy, but he hates when all eyes are on him!  
Blakely of course loved getting all of the attention from her uncles and aunts.  
So I attempted to remember to have someone take a picture of all 3 of us, but Blakely was not having it!  She was so ready for bed after putting on a great show for everyone all day.  
Now if SPRING would get here that would be great!  Hope you all had a great week too!  

On Scott's actual birthday we went and surprised him at work!  The whole Bell fam made it and his close friends!  We had a great lunch and cake!  So much love for this man!


Sarah Pugmire said...

Ok, i never realized how adorable Blakley's hair is!! So cute! Also, Charli is so obsessed with bubbles, so I put them in the bathroom and we blow them when she takes a bath... when the weather's not nice:)

The Petersons said...

So, good running into you today! Looks like Easter was fun! You made Blakely such a cute easter basket...oh, and Brian thinks most holidays are stupid too. I'm hoping that changes once we have kids to do fun things for!

Lisa said...

Blakely is sooo dang cute! I loved her Easter basket. My kids never get sick of bubbles ... finally I got a bubble machine and it blows them for me!

Brady and Lauren said...

Happy belated Birthday Scott! It looks like you guys had two great holidays and Blakley is such a doll!

~Conradis~ said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! Looks like you guys were quite the busy lil' family! Happy Birthday to your Hubby! I love the pics you were able to snap of her in her Easter dress SO Dang Cute!

Natalie said...

Happy belated bday Scott! Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Blakely got a great Easter'll have to live up to that each year :)


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