Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random post

If there is any age I could freeze, I would probably pick this one...
Blakely is so fun and smart.  We were outside the other day (finally some decent weather) and I told her to show me where her belly button, nose, mouth, ears are etc. etc.
It was just darling!  
Her mouth and nose
And of course Scott wanted me to post this picture.  I'm just glad my 92 year old Grandma didn't have a heart attack when Scott of course threw her in the air this high!!! She comes down laughing!  Wonder where she got her dare devil side... hmmm couldn't be her mom.
Here is the dog that inspired the shirt that Blakely is wearing in the above picture.  My parents standard poodle (Krammer named after the guy on Seinfield) is in love with Blakely!  He follows her everywhere and waits by her door if she is napping.  Best sitter ever!
We are just happy to maybe be leaving this crappy weather so we can go outside and explore.


Sarah Pugmire said...

I seriously can't believe how high she is in that picture!!!! She really is so darling, and your right, that is such a fun age! So where is Scott selling this summer?? Seattle maybe?? You should talk to him about that:) haha!

Rach Williams said...

Hey you!! I'm glad you commented on our blog so I could find yours. Your little sweetie is getting so big, and her eyes look amazing in all these pictures. FYI... being the paranoid nurse that I am... the picture of Scott throwing her in the air made my heart stop. Agghh! Haha. Summer is coming. Start prepping mentally, haha.

J.Frey said...

I can't believe how high she is! I would totally freak out! What a brave little gilr.

The Petersons said...

She is so high up! Wow! Blakely is cute as ever! I love the pictures with her pointing out her mouth and nose!


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