Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Photography Work

Some of you may have noticed since Blakely was born I have become a little obsessed... ok really obsessed with capturing her every move!  I took a photography class with great friends and then have been learning about photography ever since.  I have had a great time shooting others as well.  March-May I will be doing $100 per session which includes 20-30 edited images in color and black and white.  Thanks for all the love, encouragement, and kind words from friends and family.
Click the link below to be able to view a slideshow of my work.  Enjoy!!!

Email me at to book a session


The Petersons said...

Um...I just looked at your pictures and they are all beautiful. You will be taking pictures of my little man when we get back from the summer. I loved them all! Great job! :)

casey.chelsea.cali said...

Good for you Chels!! Good luck with it all. Your picture are great! Lets play soon!!

Southern Belle said...

Hey Chelsea, first of all that above comment creeps me out... okay second, I am so mad that we don't live there! I wish you could do family pictures for us! Will you be in Georgia anytime soon???? I did send a link to my sister-in-law, who lives in Salt Lake in case she wants to. I hope that is okay. Her family is gorgeous, I am sure they will be easy to get some great photographs:) Oh and I was also going to ask you what kind of camera you have and if you like it? I really want to get a new camera but don't know much about photography, but I want to learn. What kind of editing software do you have?


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