Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Shower full of surprises!

So my friend Hailey really needs to be an event planner. Well she practically is, but this shower was amazing! It was perfect and she of course went all out! She had tables set up by the pool and we had a full on dinner!
Here is my mom and I! She always said how weird it is that I'm pregnant. Well I feel the same way about my growing belly! Oh and I was forced to wear this "Mommy to be" crown all night!

This is almost the whole gang! I feel so blessed to have all different sorts of friends in my life! Some of these girls I have known since I was 5. Half of them are high school friends and the other are college friends! You can never have too many friends and I'm so lucky to have a personal relationship with each of these girls.
Here is the hostess with the mostest! I have grown up with Hay since I was 5. She still brings up that when our moms dressed us alike I always got the pink shirt and she always had to wear blue. Either way I'm glad we have been friends for so long and can't wait for our little ones to play! She is always so giving and willing to help anyway she can! Thanks so much Hay! She started my baby library for me and got me a stroller! I'm still shocked!
Of course Callie and Melissa! We started playing Jr. Jazz basketball together in 5th grade and haven't stopped playing! They have always been there for me and I know they always will.
And here is Amy, Hollz, and Sarah! I was roommates with these girls in college and most of them for more than one year. They know me as well as anyone and I'm so glad to have a special bond with each of them!
Chantay and Hollz! We had some crazy fun times living together and continue to do the same.
Thanks for everyone for your support and wonderful presents. I was so spoiled! I love you all and can't wait to use all the presents!


Hailey Kandell said...

ch a fun shower, you super hot pregnant girl!!! Have you seen baby mama? If not you and Scott need to see it, I will buy it this week and have you over.... see you tomorrow lover!!

Anonymous said...

YOu sure have a bunch of cute friends!

Jason and Amy said...

Had a BLAST at your shower, thanks for including me! You are the cutest (and smallest) pregnant girl ever, cant wait to meet that little sweetie.

The Belnaps said...

Looks like a fun shower!! We missed you at Bostons Birthday party though!! You look great chels

Tj and Amy said...

wow! looks like a great shower! How fun you got to see almost all your friends together!

Melissa said...

I hope you liked what we got you I promise they are both life savers. I loved shopping for a girl I can't wait for your darling little girl to arrive. Love you!

Chris Sarah and Charli Pugmire said...

Thats so awesome you got everyone together! I wish so bad I could have been there too:( Glad you had a blast, you look amazing like usuall.

~Conradis~ said...

Such a cute get together! You look great! I love the tiara! Fabulous! Can't wait to see the little angel!

* Amber * said...

how fun!!! you look amazing!! hailey is such an awesome party planner and friend! ITs crunch time now.. that baby is coming so fast! hope your feeling ok! thats awesome your back!


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