Monday, December 30, 2013


 November went by really quickly!  We got the first snow storm!  Blakely taught Jett how to blow on the window and that was entertaining from inside.  

 All dressed in their Sunday best.  Jett loves to play with Play Doh and makes a huge mess.  

 I was setting up for a photo shoot and next thing I knew, Jett was all set up sitting on a chair and shooting me with a gun!  Such a boy!
 Thanksgiving was wonderful with my family!  My kids were in heaven with their cousins in town and the girls are just the cutest things together.  But the best award goes to Grandpa!  They are all obsessed with him and he is Jett's best friend and basically the only other person he will go to besides me!  

 The weather was super nice so we enjoyed a lot of park time and the mountain board!  



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