Sunday, August 25, 2013


 Jett has sure gone from a baby to a boy overnight.  I'm not going to lie it has been a somewhat rough summer with this boy.  Scott left for the summer and he all of a sudden changed...  He's growing up and he's not talking that much so he gets frustrated not being able to communicate.  We have both been frustrated cuz he's so smart, but the words just aren't connecting yet.  He is still attached to my hip and most days I love it, but it also makes it very difficult to have a life. ha ha
He can just bat those eye lashes and flash his baby blues and can get away with anything!  Blakely is so patient with him and is the best big sister, but she too gets annoyed with him.  She always says Jett why are you whining?!?  I wonder the same thing.  He's most happy naked and outside and doing anything athletic.  He loves Blakely's friends and wants to play so badly with people.

 It has been so fun to see him grow up into a handsome lil boy before my eyes.  I'm growing his hair out and it sure did go blonder over the summer.  I love you baby boy and keep telling myself that this stage will pass and then I will miss it.



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