Friday, June 21, 2013

Insect Lore- Butterflies

 Every spring we do a little fun experiment.  We have done ants, and ladybugs so this year it was caterpillars that form a cocoon and hatch into butterflies.  My kids loved seeing the process and every morning would wake up to see the process take place in front of their eyes.  It was seriously amazing!  Blakely was sad that she had to let them go once they hatched, but was so proud!  

 Trying to wait patiently for them to take their first flight!  We fed them watermelon.  

 The first one took off and then the next one landed on her and didn't want to leave for a while.  

Blakely loved her butterflies and it was so cool that they just chilled on her for a while before taking off.  



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