Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring 2013

 Finally some good weather... that was for about a week and then it snowed first week in May!  We soaked up all the family time we could before Scott took off for the summer.  Jett really loves his swivel car and is obsessed with being outside!

 I caught the sweetest thing that I will always cherish.  Jett walked up to Blakely and wanted a hug.  He put his arms around her and hugged her until she finally realized what he was doing and they embraced each other for a long time.  Love my sweet babies and that they love each other most of the time.

 Always posing.  If I'm taking a picture of Jett she gets jealous and starts posing... Oh boy!
Jett's also new favorite thing is all of a sudden put his arms out all day and want me to hold him.  It was cute at first, but really!  I don't have to hold you all day buddy!!!
Blakely and her fancy hair do all ready for a neighbor boys birthday party.
 Jett's new thing is also acting like a big boy and trying to sit in a big chair and then he climbs on the counter and think he's pretty funny for doing something he knows he shouldn't do.
 Scott had been telling Blakely that they were going to go camping so on his last Sunday here he set up the tent in the back yard and they loved it for about an hour ha ha!  Love spring in UT.



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