Friday, May 31, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

 I feel so very blessed to have the parents I do.  The summers can be hard being without Scott and my parents made Mother's Day special.   They came down for a picnic after church and then we headed up the canyon to the lake.  It was such a great day and one that could have been difficult if I was alone.  Blakely woke up and first thing she said was Happy Mother's Day.  She sang beautifully at church right in front and Jett didn't leave my hip all day.  What's new!  

 The only people that Jett actually lets hold him besides me.  That must be love!!!
 Before we walked out the door for church I hurried and grabbed my camera and I'm so glad I did.  This is all I needed for Mother's Day.  Jett has been extremely hard since Scott has left for some reason and I can't figure him out.  He thinks I'm going to leave him too so he won't leave my sight.  Its so sad and also very frustrating since I can't accomplish much without him glued to my hip.  He's lucky he has me wrapped around his finger!

 After dinner we went up the canyon to our favorite spot like usual.  We had a blast and Jett wasted no time getting in the water completely and throwing rocks!  He didn't mind the cold water one bit!

 Most precious thing is seeing my parents love my kids by far.  It makes me feel so lucky to have been raised by such amazing people and know that they will always play a role in my kids lives as well.



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