Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Valentine's Day with the family

Being a kid is just too much fun and I feel that every holiday should be celebrated cuz kids just think its the coolest thing ever!    My kids woke up to some heart balloons and a little present.  Blakely got dressed in her valentine outfit right when she woke up and came downstairs and was so excited!  Jett just wanted milk like usual...
 Blakely was so proud of herself for coming up with this art project for her daddy.  She got out the glitter glue and the sprinkles as she calls them and we did it together for him.  They are just the cutest duo ever.
 Jett made a mess and was just a peach now that he is finally walking.  He just can't seem to stay on his feet very well with clothes on so most days its a onesie.
 I volunteered to help with Blakely's valentine party at school and I have to say that it was a highlight for me.  I peered through the window to peek on her and this is the face I got when she saw me and I'm so glad I captured it.  She was so happy I was there with valentine donuts and games.
 I'm so lucky.



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