Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mother's Day Pics

 For Mother's Day all I wanted was some pics of me in them with my kiddos.  I had the fabulous Jen Herem Photography come to our house and just do that!  Blakely was a little excited to get attention and was her hyper self and Jett was just a sweetie like usual.  I'm so glad I will always have these pics to look back on their different stages and to remember this crazy but wonderful time in my life.
All of B's headbands by Cozette Couture.

 Every morning she somehow makes her way in his crib and starts making faces at him.  Nothing makes me more happy, but to see them together.  That is until they start fighting...

And of course her Zebra that has to sleep with her had to be in the pics.  Thanks Jen.  These will be cherished forever!


Blake and Mikelle said...

I'm sure I ever told you how beautiful these pics are! In love for sure!!!


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