Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Can't believe my little man is 7 1/2 months.  We have been out in Arkansas for a month with Scott and so far so good!  I'm just enjoying my kiddos and just spending time with them and not worrying about the other things of the world.  We spend a lot of hours at the pool to get out of the apt and then they take long naps!  Love.
Some things I don't want to forget about Jett:
Loves his baby food twice a day and is particular on what brand.  I guess once you get the best you want the best cuz he loves Ella's brand organic.
Sleeps from 8-8 most nights and takes two good naps.
Found his voice and is such a chatter box.
Started to watch Baby Einstein.
Sits up great on his own.
Loves bathing with his sister.
Loves his Jumperoo and the pool.
Still not good at tummy time and definitely not crawling.
Loves to look at different people and gets bored if he's with just me all day.
Easiest to make smile or laugh.
Gives the best french kisses.
Loves to smash water bottles.

Some things I don't want to forget about Blakely:
She has never met a stranger.  At the pool everyday she plays with whoever will play with her.
She thinks she is so funny lately and laughs at herself constantly.
She is a fish!  I'm so proud of her and so glad I don't have to worry at the pool.
She is Jett's little mother.  Always wants to feed him, gets him toys, carries him (kind of scary when they weigh the same), loves washing his hair, and always trying to get him to laugh.
 I could go on about this girl forever cuz she is so easy going and always a joy to be around.  Very rarely complains and almost always does what she is told.    



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