Friday, May 25, 2012

Blakely's room

 The reason why I barely got to Jett's room on time for his arrival was because my mom and I had too much fun doing Blakely's big girl room!  This room was literally made with mostly things I already had or my mom had.  I'm so lucky to have an amazing and talented mom!  She did everything from sewing all the pillows, jumbo pom poms on drapes, upholstered bench seat, several cans of yellow spray paint for this old dresser she had and the nightstand, and all the accessories that were spray painted.  Yes she is superwoman!  
It takes me forever to make a decision and after staring at the empty room for two months I finally got started.  I wish I took a before of the room cuz it was tan and so ugly!  We have these two huge back bedrooms over the garage with slopped ceilings so I couldn't decide on the lay out, but once I spotted this double IKEA bed I knew it would fit perfectly in between the slopped ceilings.  First the room needed to be brightened since it also had dark carpet so it was sprayed white and then on the accent wall I picked out this awesome aqua to have stripes painted.

 I picked out 3 different fabrics on etsy that tied in the colors I loved and used them for the bench seat and pillows!  I had my awesome handyman copy the Serena and Lily window bench seat for cheap and filled it with books!  My mom spray painted an old dresser she had and we added new knobs.  The accessories I already had!  Jewelry box was the first present Scott gave me.
 I needed a fun rug so I bought this zig zag rug on Urban Outfitters and the upholstered bench was a Kmart find for $100.  The white bedspread also Urban.  

 Since my mom is amazing, we bought the IKEA white drapes and she sewed on the jumbo pom poms!

 A silhouette of my girl and I spray painted an old frame and the letter "B" that I had laying around.  

I already had this shower curtain in her bathroom from Anthro so I used the hot pink color and tied it into her room!  I'm so lucky to have my mom do all these projects basically for me, but more for her little Blakely!  They love each other so much!  What a blast we had without spending much!  


Jason and Amy said...

blakelys room is amazing i love it so much.

jacksonhaleywarrenandhaus said...

Oh man I love her room!!


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