Friday, January 20, 2012


 I love Christmas!!!  This year we were with the Bell's and it was a blast!  We started off the festivities with a dinner in SL for my father in laws birthday on the 22nd.  Don't worry I won't tell how old u are!
 The plan was for us all to go see the christmas lights at Temple Square, but all the dumb Texas boys were too cold so our little family braced the cold alone!  Blakely loved it and I'm so excited to make this a yearly tradition!  
 The next day we all got sitters and went and saw Mission Impossible.  Amazing!  Then went to the Provo Beach Resort!  Josh's friend Rhiannon from his mission in England joined us and we love her.  What a blast!  Just remind us girls next time to not wear heels when trying to do the ropes course!  We were a sight!  Then the girls went bowling and Blakely had the time of her life.  Every time she would knock down pins for some reason she would run to Uncle EJ and give him a big hug.  She thought she was something else!
 The boys pretty much played on the golf simulator the whole entire night!!!  Boys will be boys!  Josh always strikes a pose when I pull out the camera... he secretly wants to be an underwear model.
 Blakely of course enjoyed being with all the girls!  All her aunts spoil her giving her a makeover!  She got her nails and hair done.  What a girl!  Then thanks to Aunt Alicia she finally got to make her gingerbread house!
 On Christmas Eve we all got to open up one present and our pajamas.  Jared of course wrapped mine extra special.  My mother in law usually gets us sexy Victoria Secret pajamas so imagine when we opened up our Mickey Mouse onesies?!?  Wow they were special!  So we all hung out in them all weekend and had a Mickey Mouse Christmas!  

 Since Blakely is getting older, I wanted to make christmas so special!  I hung up red and green crepe paper in the doorway on the way to her presents and we blew up balloons and put them all over the floor which was a tradition Scott always had!  I loved it and will always have to do it!  
 Trying to get a decent picture of all the grandkids on christmas eve in their pajamas!
 They are all just so cute together and Blakely is the mother hen giving the babies their bottles and binkies.  
 The kids went to sleep and we got out presents!  Blakely got a big girl bike as her main gift!  

 Christmas morning came and boo hoo for 9:00 church!  We had to hurry and get ready and then take her down to see her gifts!  Not the best morning person, but once she saw her gifts, she perked right up!

 Both of my kids ready for church on Christmas 2011!  Love my blue eyed boy!
 Blakely loves her uncles so much and cousins!  And her favorite present was of course a dumb Alvin doll!
 Can you believe 4 babies in one year?!?  Yes a little change for the Bell family!
 On Christmas night we all had a blast playing the Black eyed peas dance game on the Kinecht!  And we of course had to get black mail of my in laws!  Jared was the champ and stayed up until 2 playing it!
Blakely smothered Jeremy and Jani's dog all weekend and I'm just glad I never have to get her one!  Until next Christmas...



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