Friday, December 30, 2011


 Thanksgiving was so special since most my siblings live out of state and it's a rare occasion to get to spend time with them!  My parents always do the holidays right and it's so magical just being together in the home you grew up in.  Of course both my kids were napping during our only group shot!  Don't you love my 93 year old Grandma?!?  She's amazing!
 7 grandkids under 6 equals craziness!!!  Love morning bed head from cute girls!
 Men are smart!  Here is how they get out of dish duty!  Oh let me hold him aka take a nap on the couch...
 The best uncle ever trying to get a decent pic with all the kids.  Not going to happen!
 Gobble gobble!
The girls could live on my parents awesome underground tramp!  Reminds me what I spent hours doing each day after school.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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