Monday, December 12, 2011


 On Saturday while my husband was golfing in 30 degree weather, I decided to get creative and finally take some pics of my own kids!  Love this look on pinterest and thought I would do my take on it!  Glad my nephew came over since he is the best at holding still compared to my kids and he's a doll!
 Yep my 7 week old loves food that much that he already holds his own bottle ha ha!  He was more interested in eating and being put down for a nap :)
 And Miss Sassy pants was more interested in jumping on my bed and showing me her back bend...  I will have to make this a yearly tradition for sure though!
 And then my adorable nephew that smiles at anything and sits there.
This last picture cracks me up since my 8 week old was wearing it earlier.  We squeezed his big head in it and he looks so pretty ha ha!  
I'm no expert, but if you want simple instructions to achieve this look, click on my photography blog on the side.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


J.Frey said...

Wow! I love these! What great pictures!

Alicia said...

so dang cute!!


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