Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 I can't stand it that my girl is 3!!!  Since I was due with baby brother on her birthday, I figured that I better get my act together and have a party before I had him!  So we went real simple and went to her gymnastics place where she would be in her element and show all her friends how cool she was.  It was perfect!
 Luckily, if she doesn't cooperate that long for pics I don't have to worry cuz we can go in the basement at any time.  After a while I start to get this face down below... like are we done yet?!?

 Thank you to all her little friends for coming to her party and for Jett waiting to come exactly the next day!  I know I'm crazy, but it all worked out!

 That is Blakely jumping into the pit about 10 feet high!
 Love that I can claim this little guy as my nephew.
 Her favorite thing at gymnastics is the pit and rings.  I'm just glad she hasn't broken anything yet!

 After running around for an hour, we headed upstairs for cupcakes and I'm sure it was the best day of her life!
 On her actual birthday the next week, she got to wear her Halloween costume to preschool and we went and watched her halloween parade!  And boy did she put on a performance for all!  Dancing and singing!  Love my little ladybug!

 On Sunday we finally finished with a family party!  I mean what kid doesn't like there birthday spanned out over two weeks?!?  Talk about spoiled!  
 I can't wait till one day when she starts teasing her uncles back cuz she sure does take so much crap from them!
 She of course loved opening up presents and just kept going!  The best part of the night is when Grandpa gave her a dollar bill to put in her piggy bank so she put it in and then went and asked him for another one...  He will learn just to give her the credit card.
And here is Baby Jett meeting his Bell grandparents.
Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating and helping me pull it off!  Also, special thanks to my mom and mother in law for helping me adjust these last two weeks to two kids!  I'm loving it!


casey.chelsea.cali said...

Blakely is so beautiful! I love the birthday pics you took of her. Can't wait to meet Jett!!

Ambo said...

She is so stinkin cute, I really don't think it could get any cuter,, I can't beleive how fast 3 years have gone by, Hope she had the best birthday. Jett is so handsome! Good work , good work .. :)

Natalie said...

Happy birthday Blakely! She is so cute and you always have her dressed up so cute!


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